Backpack Studio In Stock Now

Backpack Studio 3 includes:

Main Compartment

  1. Canon XF100 Video Camera (with lens cap)
  2. 25' 3-outlet extension power cord (black)

Pocket 1

  1. Shotgun microphone
  2. Headphones
  3. 2x Compact Flash memory cards with case

Pocket 2

  1. 25' XLR audio cable (green)
  2. 1' XLR audio cable
  3. Memory card reader with USB cable
  4. 3-outlet power strip/surge protector

Pocket 3 (Lighting equipment)

  1. 2x Lowell Blender LED lights (with clear filters and diffusers)

Pocket 4 (Camera accessories)

  1. 2x large batteries for XF100
  2. 1x small battery for XF100
  3. Battery charger with power cord
  4. Camera power adapter (cord)
  5. Camera remote

Pocket 5 (Lighting accessories)

  1. AC adapter for each Blender LED light
  2. DC adapter for each Blender LED light
  3. 1x 5/8" spud for lights
  4. 1x cold shoes adapter for lights

Lower Pocket (Media Editing/Management)

  1. Macbook Pro laptop computer
  2. Macbook Pro power adapter

Outer Pocket

  1. 2x Light stands
  2. Boom pole

A Miller tripod with plate and carry case is also included with the backpack studio.

Items available upon request:

  • Luggage cart
  • Component video cable
  • Camera strap
  • Additional diffusers for Blender lights
  • Handle for Blender lights
  • Canon XF100 user manual
  • Work Mat
  • Rain Cover